When your wedding day finally arrives and all your plans spring to life, what will you take home with you?  The cake will be eaten, the music will fade, you’ll probably throw away all your flowers, and your wedding guests will be gone, leaving you with only memories of your wedding day.  Whether or not to have a wedding filmed is often a last minute decision couples make when planning a wedding.  And if you decide not to hire a wedding filmmaker it could become your first and biggest regret.

We’re Jeremy & LeAnn Morris-Lee of JDL FILMS, talented wedding filmmakers from Meridian, Mississippi.  Our filming style is a combination of documentary and cinematic film elements that capture treasured moments during your wedding day in an engaging and artistic way so you can live those moments forever and ever.

  • Jennifer and Andrew
    Jennifer and Andrew
  • Taylor and Kyle
    Taylor and Kyle
  • The Barn At Bridalwood
    The Barn At Bridalwood
  • Come Walk With Me
    Come Walk With Me
  • Danielle and Ryan
    Danielle and Ryan
  • Kristen and Michael
    Kristen and Michael
  • Frannie and Tom
    Frannie and Tom
  • Carlie and Micah
    Carlie and Micah

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