We are talented filmmakers and editors based in Meridian, Mississippi. We have a passion to create and often we find the personal stories of peoples life inspiring and encouraging. Turning someone’s life story into a movie is an exciting journey that we would love to help you take.

If it’s a wedding or a documentary film about you or your family, there are memorable events and stories we can help you tell. Our goal is to make a timeless and touching film that preserves those special stories and events. Those events fade, but the memories will remain – treasured by you and your loved ones and preserved by your film.

Mississippi Wedding Videographers

We want to capture and document every beautiful moment of your story through the art of videography and filmmaking so you never forget them. As a husband and wife team, we know how precious each moment as a family is in life. Our work blossoms because we work together in love and respect, each bringing skills and talents to each video we create. At JDL FILMS and MORRIS LEE FILMS, we want you to know that we will completely invest ourselves into your story. There’s no other way to learn every intricate detail. Not to mention, we really care about the people we work with.

Knowing you are trusting us with your memories to create a work of art that will last forever is something we treasure and never take lightly.